National Business Systems, Inc. has been serving the greater Seattle Tacoma area since 1972.

Unlike other dealers we offer many restaurant POS systems and retail point of sale systems. We won't try and make you fit your business into a POS that is not a good fit, that is why we offer you choices. So whether you need a restaurant system or a retail system contact us so we can explore which system will be the best fit for you.

For restaurant point of sale systems we feature the industry best Digital Dining, which will handle all our your needs for every type of food service establishment from Fine Dining, Quick Service, Casual and more. Digital Dining has been installed all over North America and is a very mature system the rest of the industry strives to imitate. National Business systems, Inc. has installed Digital Dining in all types of restaurants in the great Seattle area. Our customers represent some of the busiest restaurants in the Seattle Tacoma area. We have installed every size system from a single terminal to fifty plus terminals all under one roof.

Variety being the spice of life so in that spirit we have teamed up with several other industry leaders in the hospitality Point of Sale industry. Because every restaurant is different and has unique needs we also offer the Aldelo POS system which is a great system and it suits many different needs.

Software as a service (SAS) has become very popular in todays market and to fit that need we offer the Harbortouch Restaurant POS system which is the most successful example of the SAS model and offers many benefits such as very low monthly payments, 24/7 support, complete turnkey programming and lifetime warranty.

To round out our portfolio of food service POS systems offerings we decided on ROM based systems from SAM4s and NCC. These systems do not require software and are far more durable than anything else on the market. ROM based systems often can't match every feature or report their software based counterpart they offer 90% of what most places are looking for if not more. Part of the SAM4s offering is an iPad system that is locally based rather than cloud based systems.

National Business Systems, offers you choices in POS systems Call 1-800-863-2274 to discuss which is the best one for your business.
    Advanced POS

Our POS systems for retail also offer you choices of the industry best. We know when you operate a retail business it is very important to use the proper POS system to help you understand where your inventory is going, do you have enough on hand, did some of it disappear, do you need to order more? We have a variety of point of sale and cash register system to help you manage your store. Our flagship system is the complete retail POS system Keystroke POS from Specialized Business Solutions. Using the Keystroke retail system you will be able to know how many of any given inventory item you have on hand, how many you have sold, how many do you need to order and even print prices tags for that item when you receive it. The Keystroke System is a very complete system from receiving to selling and everything in between.

We also offer the very popular pcAmerica Retail POS system, which offer complete POS and inventory item controls. Whether you have one store or many take a look at our retail POS system from pcAmerica. Just another example of how National Business systems offers you choices instead of a one size fits all system. You will find our retail POS systems installed all over the Seattle Tacoma area.

Another very popular device to use in retail stores are SAM4s cash registers. With cash registers system you get the fast and accurate customer throughput, you get systems that are often more durable. What separates a SAM4s registers system from a full blown Inventory Control Retail system is the inventory control aspect of things. Cash Registers do a wonderful job of selling items and telling you how many of those items you sold. What they don't do as well as a PC based system is keep track of inventory for you and print price tags.

National Business Systems Inc. We are a full service Point of Sale (POS)and Cash Register Dealer in the
Seattle Tacoma area offering a diverse line up of Restaurant and Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems. We are proud of our professional support staff, which have years of experience in POS. We are in your community and can support you in person, sure many POS systems can be supported via the internet or phone but sometimes you need a person on site to support you, train you or make changes.

We take great pride in the fact that we offer complete high end Software Based POS systems such as Digital Dining, NCC, Keystroke POS, pcAmerica as well as Cash Register and ROM based solutions from SAM4s NCC.

Please browse our product line up below and feel free tocontact us for a Free no obligation demonstration of any of our systems. We can come to your business in person if you are located in Western Washington. Give us a call today at 800-863-2274 to schedule.

Client Testimonials

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    We’ve been working with Digital Dining from National Business Systems for over 20 years. During this time, we have never had an outage that has made a negative impact on our business. That is a big deal for our small restaurant with no IT department. Their support is phenomenal. The program is easy to use the setup and routine adjustments provided by the knowledgeable people at NBS has always been exceptional. They totally understand the restaurant business and our implementation of the Digital Dining System. We highly recommend National Business Systems for your point-of-sale and technology needs!

    - Bob Griffith, The Pumphouse in Bellevue, WA

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